Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Of An Early Morning Walk

This summer I have been walking early every morning. It is nice to exercise early on in the day. With the extreme heat we have been having, the early morning hours are usually comfortable, if not nice and cool. I have enjoyed these morning walks. I go at a brisk pace, and if I have company we chat. One day after my walk was done and the dew was still heavy over everything, I took out my camera to snap some photos for the blog.

The alpacas field, holes dug, poles buried, stakes pounded. Now it just needs the fencing and a gate. And rain, so the grass will grow.

Mulberry Tree. Due to lack of rain, and the birds eating constantly, we did not get a single berry for jam this year. I was disappointed, I enjoy making mulberry jam. Perhaps next year we'll have a bumper crop.

Grape Leaf
Queen Anne's Lace
Dew on the corn.
Catnip, just blooming.

My little flower patch from last year has produced some lovely perennials. I never got around to replanting it with annuals this year. The clay was just too hard to till and seed, by the time we had a good rain it was too late to plant anything. So far the perennials that have come up are Painted Daisies, Black-eyed Susan, Sunflower, Alysium, and a couple flowers that I do not recognize.
Lord willing I can plant some more Zinnias next year. Maybe more perennials as well. We'll see how much space I have to work with! :)

Next up: Catching up on projects!

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  1. What a lovely selection a fresh looking photographs. What a charming walk you must have had.
    Thanks for the post! You have a very nice blog.


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