Monday, July 9, 2012

Back In May....

 Today I found these photos, taken, edited and waiting for a blog post.....back in May! I completely forgot about/shuffled them away, in the busyness of life this summer. And it has been BUSY! I keep expecting things to slow down, but the calendar keeps filling up. There has been much fun, lots of hard work, a great deal of hot weather, and good memories everywhere. So here is a look at what our area looked like back at the end of May.....
 Look at the corn! It is about 4 or 5 inches tall in this picture. I measured it on July 4th (last Wednesday) and it was 6 and a half feet tall! That beat last years July fourth record by 6 inches!

 I do miss the view that we had back when the corn was short. Now we are fenced in by a rustling hedge of corn. 

 Our field didn't get mowed until late in May. We are currently working on fencing it in for the alpacas. When I was taking a walk down in the field I took some photos of the tall grasses in the evening light. I prefer the neatly mowed field, it is so much greener and tidier, but I must admit I miss seeing the tall grass rippling in the wind.

I'm away from home until this evening. If the lighting is still good, maybe I can take some pictures of my most recent spinning projects. Until next time, take care!

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