Monday, June 15, 2015

Beach Days are Upon Us

Let's face it, sitting down to actually write a blog post is sometimes harder then it should be. I write a blog post and then before I know it a month or more has already flown by.

Life has been busy, early summer is in full swing. The activities and work pile up and before I know it the calender is booked to the gills. Is that even a thing? Probably not. But booked full it is. This coming week I have a dentist appointment, a wedding to play for, & an open house to attend, and then I get a little breather for a bit.
But in the midst of all the craziness there has been plenty of time for enjoying the beauty of summer and making memories with friends and family. We've already made half a dozen trips to the beach this season. The first time we went everything was frozen over and grey-brown. The lack of waves made for an eerily quiet, but beautiful, beach front. Now though, life at the beach is green and golden with plenty of hot breezes and water that is quickly warming up. We've had some days where it was all hoodies, cool air, snacks, and knitting. Other days were hot sunshine, wild winds, and a little bit of painting. And the last time we visited the rain fell steadily while we took refuge under the spreading branches of a tree and read for an hour or two. Each time is different, and each time is lovely.
I've found a nest with a clutch of eggs along the side path at our favorite haunt. At this point they're unidentified, but I hope to keep an eye on them and perhaps get a glimpse of them or their momma. I'll keep you all posted if that actually happens...