Saturday, March 27, 2010

Glimpses Of Green

A bit of lace.

Herbs in the window.

Lemon Balm on the counter.

Tea Cup

Newly sprouted parsley, leaning toward the light.

Iris Plants.


Turquoise Delight

Just a small doily I made last summer. I remembered spur of the moment that a dear elderly lady was having a birthday this week. I wanted to do a little more than a card so I decided to slip this little doily in. I don't have a precise measurement on it but it did fit in a large birthday card, i folded it in half.....I should have measured it. I still have the pattern so I might whip up a few more in the future to have on hand.

A Walk In The Woods

Earlier this week Jonathan and I were out for a walk with Grandma. I, of course, was ready with camera in hand for blog worthy pictures. But I was disappointed because on first glance there was nothing extraordinary to photograph. Everything had the dull, dead, grayish brown look that comes right after winter, but before spring has burst forth. On closer inspection however ( and I mean close!) I discovered that it was not the extraordinary things that I should be looking for but rather the ordinary. There was beauty all over the place. I just simply had to open my eyes to it.

I'm sure there is a great spiritual analogy there. But I will have to collect all my thoughts first before I just plow ahead and write someting. Stay posted. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hand Dyed Roving

A couple weeks ago I did some hand dyed roving with my cousin. We used Wilton food dyes. I won't detail the whole process here right now for the sake of time. I do have some pictures of the whole process but they are not handy at the moment.
I was going for a green and blue look but for some reason the blue Wilton dye turns purple on roving.

The color it ended up is fine with me though. I think it is quite pretty. There are 4oz. total of this colorway. I started spinning it up last week but I have not completed much.

And yarn for another project or two.

Cascade 220. I think I'll knit a shawl or two.
Keep posted for more pics of dyeing and shawls.


Somewhere over the years I developed a love for antiquing. I love going to a big (or small ) antique store and meandering through tons of old things. Generally I am not planning on buying anything, unless it is useful to me and a good deal. It's amazing how many useful things you can find. Not just stuff that is going to sit around the house but items you can actually reuse, recycle, or re-purpose. Sometimes it is just interesting to see all the interesting gadgets that used to be in peoples homes and lives and used on an every day basis.
On this particular trip I didn't buy anything, although other members of my group did. However I did have fun taking photos.
On a side note, look at the lovely handwork on this quilt! That blanket stitch is hand done.

I am always on the lookout for handmade, hand quilted quilts. I found several lovely ones on this trip.

Interesting bottles

Old mason canning jars

What a cute tea cup!

Vintage cards and more red dishes.

I love stoneware.

And of course, the old brick building. Marvelous, eh?