Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Random Pictures

A couple snapshots from our walk last week.

Aren't these red dragonflies beautiful? Anyways I thought they were. And they were very obliging, they held stilll so I could take pictures of them with macro!

I think this little fellow was trying to study my watercolor book!

And this gentleman here just finished his lunch. It was fascinating to watch him devour the bug.

I thought this little bat was cute too. Look how soft and furry he looks!

The oddest mushroom ever.

I didn't do this knitting, my sister did. But I thought I wouls put them on anyways because they are so neat. They are cell phone socks, she made them for a friend's birthday.

Panini Sandwishes

With the way my throat has been the last few months I have not been doing a lot of cooking/baking. But I got a book out of the library about panini sandwiches so I thought I'd give them a try. I have always liked them, but this book has all sorts of interesting and unusual types of panini.
I made them for supper for the family on Saturday. They all thought they were pretty delicious.

The sandwiches were made with two different types of ham, muenster cheese, mustard, and parsley fresh from the garden.

I also made a cheese sauce to go on top of the sandwich.

The finished results looked nice, and I think they were a big hit.

The whole process seemed quite time consuming to me. But I think if an assembly line system was used they would go a lot faster. It might have taken longer because it was a new recipe and I wasn't quite sure what I was doing. Plus I changed the ingredients slightly, so I wasn't following the recipe exactly. We didn't have a sandwich grill, so I used the lined side of our big electric griddle. It worked great!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm back!

I realize it has been quite a long time since I posted anything. And it has been even longer since I posted any knitting! But I am now back, after being gone a week, and hopefully things will proceed at a more normal pace. I have tons of things to accomplish in the next couple of weeks, I decided in order to fit it all in I need to make a to-do list and follow it closely.
Part of the reason I did not post anything concerning knitting was because I had nothing new to post. But last week I started a pair of socks with my new sock yarn and this is how far I got. It is a spiral bed sock, no heel this time so it should be easy to whip up. The repeats get rather monotonous, I found I could only work on it so long before going stir crazy. As a side note, I rarely wear socks to bed. It has to be bitterly cold out, and even then I am reluctant. Socks are entirely too confining, I feel like my feet are stifled.

With the yarn I hand spun earlier this summer I started an over-the-shoulder caplet/wrap. I was going to say shrug, but that doesn't quite fit the description I am looking for. Hmm....

I am working it on US 17 needles. The pattern never specified how long the needles where supposed to be. I should have got the longer needles, but I didn't, and now all my stitches are squeezed onto these needles, which are way to short. Not to mention the fact that I am just short of the yarn I need and so need to spin up some more.....

I took some more flower pictures recently. I thought I'd put some up for you all to see. I'm rather fond of taking flower pictures (as I am sure you have all gathered by now).

Well, that is it for now.

Oh, I am three rows away from finishing the Peace shawl, so expect some pictures in the near future of it finished and blocked .

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blueberry Picking

A couple weeks back the blueberry season started here. This farm where we went is simply enormous, you can wander all over the place without ever seeing anyone.

There was some Amish there picking berries. We took a picture of their horse as she stood waiting patiently.

Altogether we picked 52 pounds of blueberries. We took them home and rinsed and packed them all. Then we stowed them safely away in the freezer.
It is nice because there are several farms in the area. Depending on the variety they have some start earlier than others and some go longer than others. It makes for a nice long blueberry season.