Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Bridal Brunch

Snow, Snow, Snow.

The last snow fall we had was so gorgeous that I could not resist putting up pictures. I am more than ready for spring, but I still find all those fluffy flakes beautiful. If we are going to have cold weather I'd at least like a decent covering of snow. Sad, worn out snow that has been warmed, frozen, warmed, and frozen again, with bare patches of ground showing through, I do not like.
But spring is close, just around the corner. I am eagerly anticipating planting another herb garden, as well as helping with the big family garden.
We have fields around us and I can hardly wait to see the freshly plowed earth.

Bit O' Baking

Birthday cake for Mother. It whips up nice and everyone loved it. Not too sweet either.

Bread fresh from the oven. It is made with a no-knead recipe from a recent Mother Earth News magazine.

Handmade Valentines

This organized chaos is the beginnings of making valentines.
You can see one completed valentine near the back of the picture.


Sugar Shack

Sun through the trees

The swamp

And some very interesting bark.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Free Fingerless Mitt Pattern!

Hurrah! I finally have a free pattern for you. Okay, pictures first and then instructions.
Oh, and please leave a comment when you stop by. I would love to know what you think of my pattern!

Long Fingerless Mitts.
220yds Worsted Weight Wool Yarn
Needles US 7,6,5, & 4 double point
Cast on 36 stitches. Divide onto 3 size US7 double points. (12 stitches on ea. needle.)
Join in rnd, placing marker at the beginning.
Work in a K2,P2 rib for 2 inches.
Switch to size 6 needles and work in st, stitch ( knit every round) for 1 inch.
Switch to size 5 and knit for another 1 inch. The mitt should now measure
4 inches from cast on edge.
Switch to size 4 needles and continue for another 3 1/2 inches. Mitt will now
measure 7 1/2 inches.
Thumb Shaping:
Switch back to size 5 needles.
Rnd. 1 K2, inc in next stitch, place marker, knit to last three stitches of round,
place marker, inc. in next stitch, k2.
Rnd. 2 Knit around.
Rnd: 3 Knit to one stitch before marker, inc in next stitch, slip marker, work to
2nd marker, slip marker, in. in next stitch, knit to end of the round ( 40 sts. )
Rnd. 4 Knit around
Repeat rounds 3 &4 until there are 50 stitches.
On last round 4, knit around to last marker, remove marker, knit 4 stitches,
then bind off 12 stitches.
Continue knitting in the round until piece measures 1/2 inch from the thumb hole
Next round K2,P2 around, will end with a K2. Repeat this round until cuff measures
2 inches. Bind off in rib.
Pattern notes:
This pattern is pretty flexible. You can try it on as you go which is a big help if you find it is too tight or loose.
If you have a very slender arm you may want to drop down a needle size for the arm. The mitts pictured are for someone else. If I was to make them for myself I would probably use a size three needle in the wrist area instead of size 4.
Lengthen or shorten the arm as desired.
Same goes for the cuffs
If you have any questions, or I didn't explain something clearly, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back with you.
Happy Knitting!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Knitting News

A hat for my not-so-little brother!

Nice detail of the top decreasing.

Doesn't he look so handsome? I found this pattern for free on Ravelry, but I have no clue what the name is anymore. Sorry. Just search men's hats in worsted weights and you should find it.
It is a very easy hat. In fact, if you want the pattern and can not find it just leave me comment and I will type up the pattern for you. It's that easy
By the way, it is 100% worsted weight yarn.

Spun Silk

Here is the promised spinning! I haven't actually done a whole lot of spinning lately. My cousin can't wait to see what this will become, but I don't know when on earth I will ever make it into anything. But we'll see.

Look at all that delicious looking roving! Pictures don't do it justice. It was bought locally, has a gorgeous sheen and and is a dream to spin. Plus it's in one of my favorite colors. What's not to love?

First full spindle was wound off onto a bobbin.

A chicken coop makes a great prop for photo shoots.

Thanks to Jon for his assistance in the photo shoot. :)
Those mitts he is wearing were made for him by his own dear sister.