Saturday, October 23, 2010

Visiting A New Yarn Shop

I was out doing errands with my sister-in-law and her Mom this morning. I am making my sister-in-law a scarf and am running out of yarn. So we thought we would swing y a yarn shop and see if we could grab a couple more skeins. She bought her yarn last year so we are trying to match the color. They didn't have any Cascade 220 Heather, so we didn't purchase anything. But we did have a quick browse around.

It is an adorable little shop, very quaint and antique. I really liked it, it was a first time visit there for me.

They had all these neat, built-in shelves throughout the whole store. A lot of them were floor to ceiling, and all over-flowing with yarn.

This tall cabinet that held the buttons was very neat. If one were to look at just the furnishings of the yarn shop, one would think they were in an antique store.

Every kind of knitting book imaginable in the built-in bookshelves.
Definitely a little shop that needs to be re-visited in the near future. :)

Yarn And Spinning

The above yarn is a merino/silk blend that we picked up at a fiber fest. I am trying to spin it SUPER thin, or at least as thin as I can without a lace spindle. I am trying to see how many yards I can get out of mine.

And finally, the yarn I hand painted while still a roving. This was supposed to be very vibrant, but I am still learning how my Greener Shades Dyes work. I like the yarn, but not enough to make something for myself out of it. A couple people in my family like it so I'll probably use it to make them something. The yarn is 100% merino, I only bought 8 ounces of it, I wish I had bough more! I love to hand paint roving.

This is the other merino I hand painted. This one is my favorite by far! I will definitely use it to make myself something. The colors are lovely. :) It make me happy to look at the yarn. When hand spinning, each skein of yarn is a work of art itself, so much time is invested into it. It takes me awhile to feel like I can actually use it for a knitted project. I normally leave it in a bowl as decoration. Then eventually I am ready to use it, so go to ravelry or my knitting books/magazines to find a project.

So this is my spinning over the last month or so.....Very autumn-y, don't you think? :)

Seaweed Scarf/Stole

Sneak peek of a project I have been working on. It's made with my Seaweed yarn. Stay tuned for more information concerning this project in the future.....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Glimpses Of Fall

Leaves pressed in wax paper.

The table, set for dinner.

Fall Decor

And.....some spinning!!!! I'm so glad I can finally share some photos of my projects with you! This is the brown/orange merino I bought about a month ago at a fiber festival. It spun up beautifully, and I absolutely love the colors. Not sure yet what I am going to do with it, but I'll keep you posted. In fact, I was hoping to wind it into a center-pull ball tonight and figure out what I am going to do with it.
This yarn is a worsted-weight, I think it's around 250 yards. Spun on my top-whorl drop spindle. I am trying to keep better records of my spinning projects in case I want to duplicate a certain yarn, color etc. Also it is a big help if I don't use the yarn right away! I have a few skeins that I am not 100% sure how many yards they are because I forgot to write it done.
I have more spinning to share with you, maybe tomorrow. It promises to be a busy day, but I'll try and blog if I get a chance. I took more photos today, but the lighting wasn't quite right and I wasn't happy with the way the pictures looked.
So.....hoping to be back with you soon! Enjoy your day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Hello Everyone! I know it's been a long time. I am starting to get very anxious to show you some pictures of all that I have been working on this last month or so! I didn't realize how much I used my camera until it broke. Just this morning I had two gorgeous scenes I would have loved to snap photos of. The first one I was standing at the kitchen sink. It was just getting light and down in the field there was a think blanket of mist shifting about. It hung in all the little dips and hollow and was very beautiful, in a mysterious sort of way. :)
The second photo opportunity was as I was driving to pick up my Grandma for an appointment. I drove over the river and there was a lovely view of a clump of trees down the river that were at the peak in color change. The sun was rising and it came through the trees and shone on a slice of the river and that clump of trees. Mist was gently rising off the river and it was breath-takingly beautiful!
But on to other things....
Yesterday I set the twist on some yarn I spun up this past week. It is a brown/orange colorway, merino wool. It spun up beautifully. I think I kept it a pretty consistent worsted weight, it's about 225.5 yards. I don't know what I am going to make with it yet, although I have a few ideas. :)

I thought I'd share some more old pictures with you. This is a bouquet that we picked this summer. They are so pretty! That is one thing I will miss this winter, fresh flowers from the garden.
Well, I have a lot of other project's going on. Many of them are for Christmas gifts though, so I will not talk about them right now. :)
I also have another knitting design on the drawing board. It will be a free pattern as well, so stay posted sometime in the next month or so. I won't post it until I can put up some pictures with it.
Time is limited today, I need to run for now. You all take care, and have a blessed week!
I'll be back with you soon, Lord willing.