Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Is HERE!!!

Lilac Bush budding

Creek under the road


Autumn Joy Sedum



Tiger Lily

Not only is it officially spring here, but we have been having some amazing weather and everything is way ahead for this time of the year. It has been simply amazing. It's like we skipped over spring for a week and had summer! Temperature-wise things are calming down now, but the weather is still very lovely. The distant tree lines have a misty green haze over them as the leaves unfurl. All the flowering trees are in full bloom, and all told, it is quite the astonishing display of spring we are having. 
As I travel I've been enjoying watching how the scenery has been changing over the last couple of weeks. Everything has gone from a spring-is-on-the-way look, to a full blown display of greenery and flowers.

But with all the early growth comes the worry that perhaps a hard frost, or even late snow storm, will arrive and damage the crops. We are praying that the nights stay mild and that the fruit trees survive until warm weather is here to stay.

I must go get ready for the evening church service. It was lovely stopping in here, if only for a short time to say "hello"! Next time I blog I'll have to share a few updates on the little bit of spinning and knitting I've been doing recently. Until then......take care, my friends!

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  1. Your little SisterMarch 25, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    Greetings Holly!I know this is very random,I'm just really really excited that you're blogging again!Hurrah!;)I like the pictures you took of the barn by the pond,the lilac bud,and the little "pond"in the field.I love how the water turned out the exact shade of deep blue that it was.I can hardly wait 'til you blog again.


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