Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photos from Mid-February

Around mid-February while out feeding the alpacas I snapped some photos in the fading sunlight. The scenery. The barn door. And of the boys of course. They are such fun to photograph.

I'm coming along beautifully on my Tibetan Stole. Lately I've been galavanting around so much that i have not had as much time to fit in knitting or spinning. But this is how far my stole was a month ago. Since then it has grown by a chart repeat or so. 
Two and a half days a week I'm helping a dear friend who is recovering from a bout with cancer. She has several little ones, including a 4 month old baby, and needs a little extra help around the house right now.
Its been a joy and a blessing to spend time with them and be able to help her out at this time.

Cheerio for now!

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