Friday, March 30, 2012

In Which I Card My Walnut-dyed Alpaca

Remember when I dyed alpaca with walnuts this past autumn? I carded up a couple rolags at the time, but had other projects that I needed to work on. So this projects was set aside, though I was hoping to get to it over the winter. Obviously that did not happen. But thinking back on it, I really wouldn't want to be carding in the house. Even though I washed it and dyed it, there is still veggie matter and a little bit of dirt that falls out. Not to mention stray fiber that blows hither and yon. 

 Two weeks ago during our spell of beautiful weather I carded fiber on two different afternoons and ended up with approximately 30 rolags. Because I was working from fiber that had been dyed at two different times I had different shades of alpaca. My first dye batch is darker, see the above photo on the left. The second batch is lighter. I was taking fiber from both bags and carding it, and also some just from one bag or the other. I figured once its carded, spun, plied, and knit it will look beautiful, despite the differences in the colors of the fiber.

 I'm looking forward to spinning this fiber, but I am trying to wait until I have made more of a dent in my dyed fiber. At the moment two pounds seems like a lot to card! 

I'm also spinning from a sample grab bag of assorted fiber that I picked up at a fiber festival last summer. The only problem with the grab bag is that I have no idea what sort of fiber I am spinning! I can take a guess at it, but its just really a stab in the dark.
This fiber is soft-ish, a nice heathered blue/grey. It spins well, we'll see how it plies.

This yarn is rough feeling. I carded the fiber together with some angora. It helped soften it up some, but it is still quite scratchy for next-to-the-skin wear. Although I only have about 70 yards of a fingering weight, so I can't make anything substantial with this yarn alone! I'm just setting the skein aside and deciding later what to do with it. 
If you have any thoughts or ideas I'd love to hear them!

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