Monday, July 19, 2010

Lace, Cotton, and More Cotton.

So I just realized....I have several cotton projects in the works! Normally cotton is not the fiber of choice, although I like cotton, I usually end up with some sort of wool.
But before we get to the cotton, let me update you on the everlasting shawl. I am convinced that I must be one of the slowest lace knitter's on the planet. Which I find odd, because normally I can crank out other knits at a decent speed. Oh well, nothing wrong with taking one's time. And believe me, I have taken my time on this project! I started it near the end of May, and finally the end of the shawl is now in sight! Hurrah!

I have 11 rows left on the lace ruffle, and then the crochet bind-off. Oh how much fun! I can't wait to block this and show you an actualy photo that includes the whole shawl laid out. Instead of these little shots and scrunched up bits of knitting.
Yes, there is that everlasting swatch of lace, and the beginnings of my ruffle. I think part of the reason I take so long knitting lace is because I dread tearing out a row or two that consists of 400 stitches. And I am prone to making some tiny mistake mid-row and not noticing it until I get to the end of my row and my pattern repeat is all wacky. This year I learned a lovely trick for creating yarn-overs in a spot where one was supposed be, but you forgot to put it in. This comes in handy when you knit a row and leave out a YO, then do a purl row, and finally on the next right side row, discover your mistake. Because dispite all my good intentions, I forget a yarn over now and then, and no, I don't check my stitch count at the end of every row. And now after all that yammering, I don't even have a photo to show you how the technique is done. I don't have anywhere to refrence either as I discovered this on my own, although I am sure it must be in a book out there somewhere!

Here is my entire Lillia Hyrna Shawl, all scrunched up and anxious to be taken off the needles. I am hoping to squeak the last few rows and bind-off out of that ball of yarn. I still have another skein, but I don't want to use it if I don't have to.

Now I am pretty sure that my friend, Amy, doesn't read my blog. So I can safely post this picture of the little poncho I am making for her 1 year old, without ruining the surprise. This is where we get in to all the cotton knitting. I did have the label for this, but it is floating in my knitting bag somewhere. So all I have to say about this yarn is that it is a mercerized cotton, heavey worsted weight. I found this pattern in "Holiday Knits". It is a poncho that is sized from 1 year to adult. It is one of the cutest ponchos I have ever seen! Amy's little daughter will look so sweet in this. And the pattern is very easy, I did all of this, except for the last inch, in one evening. The pattern takes about 300 yards worsted weight yarn.

As you can see, this project hasn't gone anywhere yet! I have a baby blanket that I am making for another friend who is due in a few months. It is from the Knitting Encyclopedia. The blanket will be worked from corner to corner. It is a pretty simple pattern, just reverse stockinette and stockinette stitch. I was waiting on this project until I finished my shawl because those are the circulars I need. But now a friend has graciously lent me a pair so I am all set to knit.

And last but not least, a couple of basket weave dishcloths that I whipped up Friday night. I used US size 9 needles and cast on thirty stitches. I alternated purl 5, knit 5, across the row, for 8 rows. Then switched to knit 5, purl 5 for another 8 rows. And back and forth until it was as long as I wanted. I am staying with an elderly lady for a few days and I thought these would make a nice gift for her.
I'm not sure when I will be blogging again, so just hang in there, I'll be back.

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