Monday, July 19, 2010

A Bit Of Crochet, And My Latest Spinning.

Hello Everyone! It's good to be back with you! How is your summer going? Mine has been wonderful so far, it's definitely been a very busy summer.
I have been alternating between knitting and spinning the last week because I have been getting some arm pain when I knit for any extended period. It is pretty frustrating because I have all kinds of knitting projects that I have going on, or need to get started. But having burning pain in one's arms tends to slow down knitting. So when my arms hurt too bad I switch over to spinning.
A while back my cousin mailed me a delightful package which contained enough fiber to spin up into yarn and then make the composed mitts from Interweave knits. I had other spinning projects going on at the time so didn't start the fiber from the package. But last week I pulled it out and got busy spinning. When I took the above photo I had already started spinning up the deep purple fiber.

The composed mitts call for a dk weight, so I spun it up a fine ply and then wound it in to a center-pull ball and plied from both ends.

See, aren't these tiny little skeins cute?! I wound them all and measured the length. The are all somewhere between 18 and 30 yards. These little skeins go so fast! You certainly get a sense of accomplishment spinning them.

I like the colors. :) I should have some very cheerful mitts! I have always loved the Composed Mitts, and I am pretty excited about making some for myself. Each of these little skeins is about 5 1/2 inches long. As you can see from the first photo, my main color will be a dark brown. I haven't started spinning that up yet. I still need to finish up the red and the pink roving.
I haven't done hardly any crocheting at all recently. This rug is from "Simple Knits For Easy Living" by Erika Knight. It is made with strips of cloth. Then you simply chain a certain amount and go at it with single crochet. I have all the tails hanging loose right now, but I will probably tuck them in. The book says leave them in or out, but I would prefer them in I think.

It is going slow because most of our scraps get turned in to quilts. I can't imagine turning good material in to a rug! So I collected all the sad pieces of fabric from around the house, as well as the skinny strips that can't be used for anything else.

And no, I am not even to the halfway point yet! I am going to use this rug next to my bed. I think it would look lovely there on the wood floor. A nice cushy rug to sink one's toes into when getting in and out of bed. :)

My multi-colored yarn is finally done! It is a bit on the wild side, very different for me, but I like it a lot. I still have special plans for it, plans that I am not free to discuss right now. But you can at least see the yarn.

Isn't it so fun!? I can't wait to sart working with it. That is the problem with doing so much spinning, I am making more yarn that needs to be knit up. Hmm...maybe instead of planning projects I should just sell or give it away. That way my arms can get a rest.
I'll think on it.....

And one last shot......just because it is so cheerful!

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