Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Nameless Post

I know I pop in and out of my blog so inconsistently it's a wonder anyone reads it. Thank you to those of you who persist in coming back. The above yarn is mohair, the batt that I carded and then dyed. Yesterday I finished spinning a small amount and wound it into this center pull ball. I then plied it into a little skein of yarn. I meant to show you the yarn itself, but when we rushed out the door this morning to come to my Aunt's place it got left behind. It is about 95.25yards. I am not sure as to the exact weight. There is a LOT of the batt left, in fact I have barely made a dent! But since I do not have a lace spindle I am making little skeins. The spindle I have becomes to heavy for a light weight yarn and the ply breaks.

I finished the poncho I was making. The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Natura. It is an 8 ply yarn, probably about a heavy worsted weight. This is a baby poncho, for 1-2yrs. The pattern is from the book Holiday Knits. I liked this pattern because it was such a quick knit. A fast knitter could make it in just a few hours. I made a mistake and happily knit along for 6 inches of my mistake before realizing what I had done. So that cut a huge chunk into my time calculations. I'll have to make another one soon. The pattern does come in 5-6yr and Adult sizes as well!!

My spinning from the alpaca fleece I processed is coming along slowly. I can't seem to get in to the project. Maybe it is because my batt is a little scuffly. I think I was kind of wild in my carding. I am most anxious to get started on a cabled scarf for the gentleman who gave us the fleece. So that is probably what is keeping me persevering in my spinning. I am thinking I will make his wife fingerless mitts. Anyways, I am excited to give them items made out of their alpaca fleece!

Another slow-progressing project, the baby blanket I am making for a friend.
It is so dull. Like knitting a giant dishcloth. Dishcloths are good and well in there place, but an everlasting dishcloth....
I rest my case.
And I still have to knit the first half until it measures 36 inches from the point! Gasp!

However, I must admit, it is pretty.

And that is it of my knitting/spinning projects. I'll probably get a chance to update my blog early next week a couple of times. But after that expect a dry spell of a couple weeks or so. I am hoping to have my birthday shawl done this weekend, so I should be able to get that on here. Take care and have a marvelous weekend!
Oh, about the flowers. Autumn Joy Sedum, not yet in full bloom. As there name suggests, it will be autumn before the turn a deep red-ish pink. I thought the green was pretty stunning though.

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