Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fiber & Knitting Updates

I'm spending a few days with a friend that I haven't seen in 5 months. We have been having a great time together, making some wonderful memories. There has been lots of knitting and spinning going on too. You'll see a small bit of it at the end of this post.
Here is my first spindle full of mystery yarn, wound off on to a dowel. I only have 2 bobbins and I am using them for something else, so it is back to using dowels. Perhaps I can talk my brother into making me some more? Maybe if I ask sweetly.... :)
My shawl is progressing, little by little. I am plowing along through the lace, I think I have about 16 more rows left on my chart. It is fun to do, but I am excited to see what the next step in the pattern is. In fact, it is so long since I looked at anything pertaining to the pattern, except the chart, that I am not sure what comes next! I know I am coming to the end soon. I can't wait to knit the ruffly edge, it is so pretty! The book is just over in my suitcase but I don't feeling like going to fetch it and see what comes next.

It will be fun to block this and see the pattern open up.

So as I have previously stated, my parents gave me both the yarn and the book to make this project. They saw the project in the Knit Picks magazine. Well, in the magazine it stated the amount of yarn that was needed, so that is what my parents bought. But what we all missed in the fine print of the magazine was: "Yarn was held double throughout". Yup. Makes a great deal of difference in the amount of yarn one uses in their project! Let's just say I was halfway through my shawl when I finely read the fine print. I panicked thinking that perhaps I was using the wrong weight all together and my shawl would end up the wrong size( No, I didn't make a gauge swatch). But it was a huge relief to read that I WAS indeed supposed to use a lace- weight, Knit Picks simply double stranded the yarn to make a thicker shawl. Whew!!!!
But now I have double the amount of yarn I need which means that I will have 2 skeins of my main color and 1 skein of my complementary color left over. Dear, dear, what is a knitter supposed to do with extra yarn!? Actually I am pretty excited about extra yarn, I have all KINDS of ideas in mind. It should be fun.

My chevron tunic is progressing slowly. As you can see I need to buy another skein of yarn. It should be my last, I hope. The front of my tunic doesn't look much different from the back at this point. It will eventually grow longer and then I will make the shoulder straps. Come to think of it I didn't even show a picture of the completed back, did I? It isn't that terribly exciting to look at, but I am pleased with the way it turned out.

Glass Socks! While I have been here at my friend's place we have been whipping up some glass cozies. They are so much fun, very easy, and take a small amount of medium weight yarn. We are using Sugar and Cream cotton yarn.

Sometimes the yarn turns out these great stripes, which is always fun!
The two glass socks above are made by my dear friend, Randi.

I made this one, and two others that I didn't take photos of yet. The pattern can use different rib variations, 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, etc. But we have been experimenting with different stitches as well and have come up with all kinds of fun things. If you want to make a glass sock, just get on Ravelry and search soda can cozy.
Then let your imagination fly!
That's about it for now. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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