Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Walk In The Woods

Earlier this week Jonathan and I were out for a walk with Grandma. I, of course, was ready with camera in hand for blog worthy pictures. But I was disappointed because on first glance there was nothing extraordinary to photograph. Everything had the dull, dead, grayish brown look that comes right after winter, but before spring has burst forth. On closer inspection however ( and I mean close!) I discovered that it was not the extraordinary things that I should be looking for but rather the ordinary. There was beauty all over the place. I just simply had to open my eyes to it.

I'm sure there is a great spiritual analogy there. But I will have to collect all my thoughts first before I just plow ahead and write someting. Stay posted. :)

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  1. i love how moss always shines through in its beautiful green glory. :D these are some really great shots that definitely make me want to go out for a nice walk when it is not rainy like today.


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