Monday, March 22, 2010


Somewhere over the years I developed a love for antiquing. I love going to a big (or small ) antique store and meandering through tons of old things. Generally I am not planning on buying anything, unless it is useful to me and a good deal. It's amazing how many useful things you can find. Not just stuff that is going to sit around the house but items you can actually reuse, recycle, or re-purpose. Sometimes it is just interesting to see all the interesting gadgets that used to be in peoples homes and lives and used on an every day basis.
On this particular trip I didn't buy anything, although other members of my group did. However I did have fun taking photos.
On a side note, look at the lovely handwork on this quilt! That blanket stitch is hand done.

I am always on the lookout for handmade, hand quilted quilts. I found several lovely ones on this trip.

Interesting bottles

Old mason canning jars

What a cute tea cup!

Vintage cards and more red dishes.

I love stoneware.

And of course, the old brick building. Marvelous, eh?

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