Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm still alive

It has been along time since I posted anything on my blog and for that I do apologize. Right now our lap top is on the verge of crashing and I don't often get to a computer. We are also in the process of moving to a new home. We hope to be moved by the end of November. So for awhile my posting on here will be sporadic. But not to worry, I will be back.
Since I am on a computer that is not my own I do not have any pictures to share today.
Knitting-wise I have been keeping very busy. It's been so long since I posted that I can not keep straight everything that I have done since I last wrote.
I have been working on Christmas presents quite a bit. I won't be posting pictures of those until the new year because certain family members like to check out my blog.
I did design my first knitting pattern recently! (not counting felted bags, because I have never followed a pattern completely. I am always changing them.) I designed a knit shrug for an 18in doll. I took plenty of pictures and I am hoping to put it on Ravelry as a free pattern.
I also finished the shrug that I started back in September. It is made using a doubled strand of worsted weight wool throughout. The moment I put it on I felt so warm! I have been wearing it every day since, along with my new wool socks. I need to make all the gals in my family a shrug like this one, we all tend to run on the cold side.
Oh, here is something that I found exciting! I was able to meet the Susan B. Anderson, the author of "Itty, Bitty, Toys". Her new book was recently released and I attended a book signing with my cousin. If you have not yet seen her book I would strongly recommend checking it out.
At the book signing she had every item from the book made up and spread out on a table. I thought they were adorable in the book, but in person they were simple irresistible!
My cousin who had no intention of buying the book, quickly changed her mind when she saw all the adorable toys in person.
My favorites by far were the reversible toys. I am definitely making some of those in the future!
Right now I have some sock yarn laying about so I thought I'd make one of her little critters from the sock yarn only chapter.
My parents had previously given me "Itty, Bitty, Nursery" So I took that book along and got it signed by Susan as well! She gave a brief talk on knitting and designing that I found inspiring.
Concerning our moving process we have been busy packing and cleaning. The house we are moving into is a serious fixer-upper. We have been busy done a bit of remodeling and lots of cleaning, and painting.
So that is my news for now. If at all possible I will try to get on here sometime soon with some pictures of my most recent projects.

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