Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cozy Winter Socks

Now that fall has arrived with it's crispy cool days and breezy drafts, I seem to be in the mood for making warm snugly things. During the winter I always have cold feet. It just occured to me the other day, that, as a knitter, there is no reason I should go around the house with freezing feet! I have the capability to make socks, so why haven't I? Well, without further ado I jumped on ravelry and looked for a short sock pattern that uses medium weight yarn. I wanted them to be thick. The reason being, the thicker they are the warmer they will be.
The pattern I found was "Worsted Anklet Socks" by Joanne Turcotte.
They are the easiest socks I have ever knit. I tried to keep an accurate track of my time while knitting the second one. It took me about 2hrs. and 40 min. from start to finish. That is a rough average. Some people can probably do it even faster. But I was in no hurry. I worked on it a couple different times while watching a video. I did shorten the ankle ribbing by one inch. That was purely accidental. I glanced at the pattern and saw the smallest child's size and thought it was for the adult size. But I like my one inch ribbing very well. I have never been too keen on long socks. I love short socks and ankle socks though.

The nice thing about this pattern is that it comes in children's sizes as well. I plan on knitting up a pair of these for all the gals in the family. I just need to buy some more yarn. Oh, the yarn I used is Patons Classic yarn.

I did a bit of spinning today too. After spinning up the angora that I previously showed, I found some more of the same roving in amongst my stuff. So I am going to spin it up and see what my total yardage comes to. I need to purchase some more roving because now that I have been spinning regularly I want to keep on.
I find that I love spinning by hand, it is very relaxing and rewarding.

That is it for now!


  1. Hi Holly! How's it going? Come over and let's sew shall we? It's only a short drive! : )

    Amanda B

  2. Hi Amanda!
    I'd love to drive over and sew. Yes, that's right, you are only a hop, skip, and a jump away!

    I miss sewing with you.


  3. I have made quite a few pairs of these socks! I love them. THe pattern is so easy and they are so warm!


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