Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And....What Is It??

No, it is not a wide scarf. Nor is it a panel for an afghan. In fact, this is the beginnings of my shrug! I know, it looks a little odd here, but it will be lovely when it is finished.
As you can see from the pictures I am about out of yarn. I went yesterday, and then today for the rest of the yarn, but the store is running low at the moment. They should be getting in an order sometime this week though.
I probably need a short break from "the shrug" anyways, as it grew from nothing to 25" in less then 24 hours! I went to keep an elderly lady company Monday night while her family was gone.
I didn't really have any simple projects to take along and work on while we were chatting so I decided just to start a new one. Bad idea I suppose, especially after my resolution to find and finish all WIP. Oh well, there is always tomorrow, or the next day.

At the moment I am going to go quilt for a while!

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