Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Knitting At The Shore

We have been to the beach several times recently, and I always make sure to take along some knitting. You never know when a spare moment will be available.
This blue bit of knitting here is a shawl that Mother is making.

And I am making the same shawl only with different yarn. I thought our yarn colors were very apropos to the setting.

The lengths I go to for pictures for the blog......
This picture was scary to take. I was afraid my yarn was going to plunge into the water any moment. But it didn't.

This is my shawl a week later. We were back at the beach so I thought it was only fitting to take another picture.
All that sand is a scary thing when it comes to knitting. But thankfully a brisk shake normally does the trick, and all the sand falls out.

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