Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was scrolling down through my old posts and realized that in the last picture posted of our garden, everything looked weak and anemic. So here is a new and update picture of our garden, as of last night, this is how it looks.

These poor tomatoes here are not doing the greatest, I think it might be partly because they are shaded by the garage for most of the day. We gave them some organic tomato food and that helped a little bit. The two way on the end are struggling sadly along.

Our one and only zucchini plant has taken root and is doing well. So far we have not harvested anything from it. But that is partly due to the fact that we took of the first blooms in order to let the plant grow a bit, before putting so much energy into growing little zucchinis.

We planted the garden when Grandpa was in the hospital. Consequently it was planted at various times, and in a rushed manner. Which is the reason the tomatoes do not have cages and are sprawling everywhere they please. They are taking over the poor peppers on one side, and about to spill into the cucumbers on the other side.

We did manage to get the Sweet 100's in cages. They were huge to begin with, but now have taken off and grown to enormous heights.

The plants are loaded with little tomatoes, simply hundreds. They are growing well, although none have turned red yet.

A happy little gardener next to the Sweet 100 plants. I took this picture for size reference. The highest part of the plant comes almost to my shoulder.

One of our sad looking tomatoes has been attacked, quite fiercely, in several places. I looked high and low for the culprit ( which I assume is a tomato worm by the obvious signs he left) but so far I have not found it anywhere.

We have three heirloom tomato plants. I don't remember all of the names, and did not feel like digging down under all those leaves to find their tags. But I do remember these ones here. They are a striped Green Zebra tomato. I think they are very pretty.

The bean plant still lives, it has successfully recovered from being attacked by bugs. But I am rather doubtful as to whether it will produce any beans this year.... it is rather puny.

As I stated in a previous post, I planted four types of herbs this year. They are coming up fairly well. I think this is parsley, but I am just making a wild guess. I need to pull out my seed packages and see what exactly I planted.

This, for sure, is dill! I love the smell, and it is growing just marvelous. Although, at only five inches tall, it is a far cry from the height of six feet that it is capable of attaining.

I have this ball of sock yarn waiting to be knit up. But I don't have a sock pattern that I really like and the yarn was a little pricey ,so I want to find a pattern that is just so. I ordered four sock books from the library this morning.....we'll see what I can come up with.

The only knitting I have been doing lately is this project here. It is something for my store so I can't say what it is. I know, I know, it looks very dull right now. But it will be lovely when I am finished.

It is one of those mindless knitting projects that you knit when watching action packed movies. Not that I have been watching action packed movies! But you all know what I mean.

I have been working on the "Peace Shawl" but you all have already seen pictures of that. I didn't like the way it was turning out so I tore out the whole thing and went to a different size needle. I suppose swatching would be a good idea but I only do it when absolutely necessary. I know that is a dreadful thing to admit, and yes, if I had swatched I wouldn't have had to tear it all out. I'll try to work on swatching in the future.

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