Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random Pictures

I didn't have much to post concerning knitting so I thought I would put up a few random pictures of life.

Mulberries at my Grandparents, just beginning to ripen.

Apple mint on the cutting board, soon to be made into tea.

The field out back of my Grandparents. I have always loved this view.

LaMancha kids at the fair. They were sleepy ,and the one on the left wanted lots of attention.

An adorable ,1o month old Huacaya (wa-ki-`a) alpaca.

I loved the coloring!

Another alpaca, only this one is sheared.

A quizzical Nubian.

Sweet 100 tomatoes in our garden.

Our one lone jalapeno pepper.

And last, but not least, some knitting.

This is a child's sock that I made up awhile ago. I have had the second one halfway done for quite some time now. This sock is also from the "Knitting for Peace" book. It is made with a worsted weight yarn, which is nice because it whips up fast. I think I need to make a list of all my WIP, it might help me to get some of them done and out of the way.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your photos. I grew up on a farm with animals and a garden. I'll miss being able to have a garden when we sell my dad's house. But it is time for him to be in an assisted living place and he will need the monies for his upkeep. Happy Knitting... Jennifer

  2. I don't know what WIP stands for?

    Are all the animals yours (your family?) I grew up having a goat, which I miss husband isn't convinced we *need* a goat. The 125 pound dog, 3 cats, 7 kids seem to make him satisfied, sigh. ;-) Yours are SOOO cute!

    Love your socks. I have some sock yarn that is waiting for me to free up my time for. I have a pattern for some toddler sized socks that I want to use it for. I have my first pair of dpn socks *almost done*...just a little more on one toe (need to run to the shop in VERMONT -we live in CT, to get a little more yarn, as what I bought ran out...though, it was supposed to be enough for two socks!)

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  3. WIP stand for, works-in-progress. :)

    Oh dear, I must not have been very clear concerning the animals. None of them are ours, they were just ones at the local fair that I couldn't resist photographing.
    Lord willing we do plan on having plenty of animals someday. I hope and pray that day comes soon, but until then I will keep on dreaming, studying, and planning.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of your socks. It is so nice to see what other folks are working on. I always thought that dpn would be hard to use, but once I used them I found I actually liked them and they were not hard at all.
    Definately easier than doing two needle socks and then seaming up the back.


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