Friday, July 3, 2009

Catching up....

I know I am drastically behind in blogging! I have been very remiss lately, and for that I apologize. There have been so many other things going on and I have not made it a priority. So consequently this all seems like old news to me, but most of you have not heard it so I'll post anyways.

This is my bulky yarn all twisted up into a skein. I can't remember off the top of my head how many yards are here, maybe about 55 or so. I didn't write it down, and am now regretting the fact!

I put it next to my spindle here for scale. My spindle shaft is twelve and a half inches long. As a reminder, I did ply it using the Navajo method.

I snapped a few pictures of this lovely rose growing in our flower bed. Roses are one of my favorite flowers to photograph. Not only is this one beautiful, but it has a scrumptious smell, which is the best type of rose to have.

This is our garden. It has since rained and everything is bigger, but here at least you can see the general idea. We have zucchini, acorn squash, two varieties of cucumbers, about 8 varieties of tomatoes, and several different hot peppers.

The little patch on the right side of the picture is the herb garden. It looks as if nothing is growing there but in actuality all four varieties of herbs are up and growing. The empty stretch of garden is where our bush beans were supposed to be.

Only one came up. And as you can see here, it is being attacked by bugs.

Right now we only have cages on our Sweet 100 tomatoes, they are getting huge, and are loaded with blossoms.

Look...... a tomato! Granted, it is a little green, but still....

And last, but not least, our cayenne peppers.

I have been spinning up my angora/merino roving. At first I was very frustrated with the roving because it wouldn't draft no matter which way you pulled it. But I discovered you just need to fluff it out and gently separate the fibers somewhat. I drastically pre-drafted some roving into all these little balls. Don't you love the colors?
Since then I have managed to spin without the pre-drafting. But I think I prefer the ease of using all these little balls.

I'll have to post a more recent picture of my spinning, my spindle is just about full now. Also some updates on my more recent projects will be forth coming.

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