Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yarn, Glorious Yarn

My first ever bulky yarn!!! It seems like I have many "first ever's" on my blog. But I seem to be learning and doing many new things of recent days. I love the way this yarn looks. We have not had the warmest of weather so I have had a hard time getting my yarn to dry. I would love to be able to just throw it in the dryer!

Some how I think that would be a bad idea though.

This is before I shocked the fibers together so it looks a little loose right now.

And I already have a project in mind. Well, this was short and sweet, but I really must run! Tata!


  1. I love this yarn Holly! It is so beautiful. What are you making with this? Did you ply it with the bottom whorl spindle?

  2. Thanks You!
    I am not sure what I am making yet, I was thinking about perhaps trying the Elizebeth Zimmerman snail hat. But I am not sure if I have enough yardage or not.
    I plyed it with the Navejo method using my bottom whorl spindle.


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