Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing in Particular

It was a beautiful day today. The temperature was around 80 degrees.
I am at home right now. I came down with some mild sort of flu/cold combination. But even though it is mild the germs could be quite harmful to Grandpa while his white cell count is so low. I think I am home for the weekend, but plans seem to change quite often so we'll see what happens.
I have been planning what to make for the up-coming county 4-H fair. They have an open class that adults can enter. It is good, clean, friendly competition. A friend of Mother's told us about it. She enters the open class as well and the last couple of years we have had fun competing against each others items.
So far I have come up with quite the extensive list as to what I want to make. I probably won't make hardly any of it. But, for now, I have big dreams.
And even after all the difficulty my last applique project gave me, the quilt I found that I want to make is simply jam-packed in applique.
This time though it won't be a gift so I can get advice from Mother. That will be most helpful.
Well, even though I am home I don't have any pictures to post tonight. I am rather worn out from being sick. I think I shall go rest on the couch and catch up on my correspondences.

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