Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Knitting Projects

This is the applique quilt that I am hoping to make for the 4-H Fair. Mother looked at it today and she doesn't think it will be too difficult. I'll have her to explain things should the going to rough. I intend to make it out of our scrap collection. Here is the beginnings of Aunt Sarah's bag. It is made with the same Cascade Pastaza that I used for Ri's bag. In fact it is even the same color! But it will be a large tote bag, Aunt Sarah does not carry purses. Doesn't it look so soft and fuzzy?
So far I only have three skeins to work with. I ordered three more through our yarn shop. I don't think I will need six total but I can always return one if need be. Better have enough yarn that too little.

Here is an up close of the lace detail on the shrug. I laid it in such a manner that the mistake is not visible. This bamboo tape has been a lot of fun to work with. But point protectors are a must when the project is not being worked on as it tends to be a bit slippery.

Right now I have so many projects going I don't know which to work on next! Currently on the needles are these two projects, the shrug for Mother, and a summer tote bag for Aunt Sarah. Aunt Sarah is anxious for her new summer bag, the one I made her last year is in a fall-ish colorway and she can't wait until her new one is done.

Mother's shrug was coming along beautifully. That is until I stopped to look at it yesterday and realized somewhere along the way I did something wrong and threw my lace pattern askew. Horrors of horrors, I shall have to tear back at least ten rows! This is a pattern that you can not work on while watching a movie full of action. I assume that was the case but I am not sure. It is a pattern for quiet knitting and chatting with the family. I will probably take it outside with me today when I go out for a bit of fresh air.

I still have not started on the lovely brown merino lace that I received for my birthday. Perhaps I can whip that up for the 4-H Fair. Hmm.....we'll see what happens with that. It might be a complicated lace pattern.

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