Thursday, December 29, 2016

Slow Stitching

Slow stitching by the tree, coffee in hand, and snow falling softly outside. 
Lately I find when it comes to quilts I have become more of a process quilter then ever before. This is my first whole cloth quilt & I feel like I am breaking out of any quilting rules I ever had. Simply going for it and stitching is a freeing thing. I love this quilt, and I could not part from it to anyone but its intended recipient, my darling Mother. This beautiful piece of stitchery has traveled all over the place with me. I have stitched on it while solving life's problems with friends, hidden away at my own mini quilt retreat in a friend's guestroom for the weekend, watching sappy Christmas movies with my sister-in-law & loving every moment, and in quiet moments by myself. #slowstitching #slowliving #handquilting #handquilted #wholecloth #wholeclothquilt #turquoiseowlssewingjournal

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