Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Briochevron Blanket Progress

This is the beginning of my blanket that I have been working towards all summer.  I knew the yarn was not going to make it the whole distance so meanwhile I have still been doing some spinning on the side to add in as I go. I definitely needed some lights to brighten things up. I've paused for awhile as I finish up a couple of skeins. I don't want to completely run out of my first batch of yarn and swap to a completely new batch, so old and new will be intermingled. Most of this yarn was spun in the course of the last year and ranges from DK weight to heavy worsted so the blanket has some slight variations that give it added depth and character. Even though it is just a small lap blanket the amount of yarn it takes is staggering and sometimes I look at it and have a momentary panic of wondering if this is the right project for all of my beautiful handspun skeins or if I have completely lost my mind. But then when I look at each skein individually and the blanket as a whole, I see that there could not be any project for them but this. A handspun briochevron will be amazing, and I look forward to the day that it is finished. Meanwhile, I sit at my desk and bundle up in shawls & sweaters. 

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