Sunday, March 2, 2014

Looking Back: The first snow of 2013, Thanksgiving day.

Spring has finally arrived. For a long time it
felt as though it would never arrive. We had a beautiful winter, lots of snow and glorious curl-up-inside by the fire moments. But we also had bitter cold temperatures, ice, and astonishing wind chills. And constantly more and more snow. I never tired of it. I love to watch it fall. I love to be ouside in it. And I love to drive in it. But eventually we thought we were going to run out of places to put it before the long-looked for warmth of spring came. However winter is not forever; as long as the earth remains so shall cold, heat, seed time, and harvest. And slowly temperatures began to rise, birds who were migrating came back, and suddenly the snow was melting. Now, instead of snow, we have mud. Slick, greasy, clay mud. Instead of getting snowed in of a Sunday afernoon, we get stuck in the mud and have to wait for the cold night air to firm the ground up. Instead of picking our way across an icy drive, we have a series of boards criss-crossing the soupy mud. But I am grateful. Grateful that the snow has ceased, the promise of Spring is in the air and warm days are just around the corner.

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