Saturday, September 22, 2012

September Snapshots: Autumn Is Here!

 A batch of warm Fudgy Cappuccino Cookies. They tasted a little bit like molasses cookies, but with a nice coffee twist.
 The boys enjoying their new pasture. 
 Carding some of my Chestnut colorway with grey angora fiber. it is turning out beautifully and such a fun spinning project. I'll share a picture of the yarn soon....
 Collecting guinea eggs. Normally we get five. But one of our guineas had an incident with the neighbor's puppy. She's a little traumatized.
 When the Physostegia begins to bloom you know autumn has arrived.
 Field corn is ready. I hope they cut it all down, SOON.
 Despite the fact that my allergies hate it, goldenrod is so pretty and I like it.

 The rain and wind cut my walk short. I snapped a few photos before it started pouring.
 Poplar leaves on the ground.
 My one lone Sunflower plant. It spread all over and is so gorgeous. It all sprang from one seed scattered last spring. I never even knew there were sunflowers in the perennial mix. It was a lovely surprise.
Autumn Joy Sedum is turning. Let the cool weather begin. Bring on the donuts, hot apple cider, crisp leaves, warm woolly knits, crackling fires and hay rides. Fall has officially arrived!

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  1. I love all the snapshots! They make me so happy! :)


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