Monday, July 23, 2012

The Beginning

 Just popping in with a little bit of knitting today. This past week I started on a new lace design. Here is a sneak peak! It is just in the beginning stages, and there is still a long ways to go. But most all of the technical details are worked out, and now I just have to knit until it is almost done. I am still not sure about the ending rows but hopefully it will all go smoothly and I won't have to tear anything out!

I am using Malabrigo Merino Lace and it is simply scrumptious to work with! This is my first time working with the Malabrigo lace and I am loving the way it knits up; the softness, the beautiful shades of the kettle-dyeing. It is such a unique yarn. I will be sure to show you more pictures as this design progresses. It is a pattern I hope to put up for sale on Ravelry sometime yet this summer or autumn. It depends on how swiftly I knit it up.
That is all for now. Take care and have a blessed day!

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