Wednesday, July 4, 2012

After The Rain

 A few weeks ago we had a wonderful thunderstorm that left everything drenched and covered in water droplets. I love to take photos after rain so I headed out with my camera to see what there was to see. Just as a warning, this post is rather heavy on the photos. Once I started shooting I couldn't stop......

Ripening mulberries
The bush that makes everyone sneeze. We don't know what it is called. Anyone have any ideas? It was given to my Grandma years and years ago by a lady who worked at a nursery.
Iris leaves

Day Lily.

Wet lake rocks on the railing.

Mourning dove, keeping the babies dry & cozy.

Old fashioned rose.

Ripening blackberries.

Painted Daisy.

Cornfield. Since this photo it has grown past my shoulder and almost over my head in some spots.

We have clay and this portion of the cornfield is the bottom of a gentle slope. It gets lots of water and grows VERY tall here.

Lichen on the apple tree.

Sunlight coming through the rain drenched leaves.

White pine.

Concord grapes.

Storm clouds moving off.

Field corn.
It was a beautiful storm, and brought some much needed rain. The soil is exceptionally hard when we haven;t had rain for awhile. Due to the lack of rain we were not able to till our garden until very late. We have planted a few tomatoes, but that is probably all we'll do this year. We'll have to depend on the Farmer's market this summer/autumn. Thankfully prices at the Farmer's markets are excellent, and it is supporting local farmers and gardeners.

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  1. Your little sisterJuly 4, 2012 at 1:48 PM

    Absolutely beautiful photos! I really like the ones of the Day lily, the Painted daisy, and the lichen on the apple tree. You are an excellent photographer :)


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