Monday, February 20, 2012

I Am Back!!!

 I thought I would share a few spinning photos with you today. I know it has been quite awhile since I shared any spinning. The last two months I have not done as much spinning as I would have liked. These photos are of some of my fall spinning projects. The above picture is of Merino roving that I hand-painted May of 2011. It was a roving I intended to sell, but it was such a lovely color that I could not resist and finally ended up spinning it. I took it with me as a special project to work on when we went on family "holiday" this past October.

I still have a little bit left to spin, maybe a quarter of an ounce? I had the outlandish idea to turn this roving into a four-ply yarn. More then once in the process I rued the day the thought ever occurred to me! Why? Because it was rather a trial when plying, and because it was spun so thin it took FOREVER. (hence why I still have a tiny bit left to do!) I divided the 4 ounces into one-ounce sections. Then I spun up an ounce at a time, winding it off into a center-pull ball when I was finished. When I had two ounces spun, I took the two center-pull balls and plied all four resulting ends together into one yarn.  I ended up with 4-ply fingering weight yarn.

The above spinning project was used for  Christmas gift. I knit a small rabbit from the book "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" and used the resulting yarn for the ears. I carded together white huecaya alpaca fiber and gray angora rabbit. It was a super soft blend, just perfect for the inner ears of a little rabbit! I'll have to share pictures of some of the Christmas knitting I did.

 Remember the pictures I shared of my first time spinning locks? Well this is the resulting yarn. I have not used it for anything yet, I still think it would make lovely crocheted flowers.

My first 4-ply yarn! Its so soft and lovely.

TeesWater locks, plied with commercial lace yarn.

Bunny Ear Yarn

Bunny ears: in progress.

I took my yarn outdoors to take pictures. It was a beautiful fall day. The sunshine was lovely, though the wind was a bit brisk. Windfall wanted to be a part of the photo shoot apparently!

So that is it for my fall spinning update. Well, I am off to go feed the boys. Around 4:30pm they start getting antsy and wanting their supper. Today is a beautiful, sunny day, just like when the above pictures were taken. I might have to take my camera out and snap some photos.

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