Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This and That

I have a bagful of knitting to show you!

I purchased this yarn at my LYS this afternoon. It is Classic Elite: Moorland. I would like to make a shawl for church, and I wear a lot of brown and green so this lovely heathered color will be perfect! Quite versatile I think.

My cousin mailed me the "Juneberry Shawl", I think that's the pattern I'll use with this lovely yarn.

My "Bleeding Hearts Stole" has progressed some since I last showed it to you. I realized once I got going on it that it was not realistic to try and get it done in such a short time. So I am taking my time on it, just doing a few rows here and there. This pattern has lace work on both the right side AND wrong side rows. Consequently it ends up being a little bit of a headache after awhile. I'm used to have the wrong side of the row to relax from patterning. I want to make the stole shorter than the pattern requires, but I'm not sure if I have enough yardage. I'll probably order another skein just to make sure. I can't wait until the stole is finished and I can block it! It's so much fun to see it transform from a scrunched up bit of knitting, into a lovely, lacy garment.

And lastly my reversible dolls! They are from the "Itty Bitty Toys" book. I've been wanting to make one of the reversible patterns for awhile now and finally did this past weekend. Aren't they SO cute!? I will probably keep this first reversible for my self. I used handspun yarn for the multi-colored doll shown above.
Don't you just love her hair? It's so wild. It stands out every which way when she is turned right side out.

And one last photo, to demonstrated how the reversible works. Very nifty I must say. This was a fun side project to work on over the weekend. Now I'll have to try out some of the animal reversibles.

I need to head to the kitchen now and make supper, stir fry chicken and veggies.

You all take care, and I'll be back with you soon, Lord willing!



  1. I love how your reversible turned out!! I can't wait to make the dolls! :)

  2. Dearest Holly, I've stumbled on your delightful blog. Your many beautiful photos of exceptional skill & art work in your mostly knitted projects... I'd love to make the topsy turvy doll but I crochet..I'd like to see more crochet if you do that as well..or sewing..Patterns to share, do you sell your items/yarn you've made? I'll love learning more about the alpaca you keep.
    I'd also love to subscribe to your blog if you do that as a newsletter of sorts.. Sincerely Ann Chicago...


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