Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello everyone! It's SO good to be back in blogland with you all! I know it's been awhile.

I thought I would share a couple pictures of my last spinning project with you. Currently I am banned from spinning by my chiropractor. Gasp! I know, dreadful eh? It has been one week and two days since I last spun. I look longingly at my baskets of fiber, my lone spindles with projects just waiting to be finished, and can't help but wish I could be working on spinning. However in January I fell flat on my back on the ice. Nothing terribly serious at the time, just a bone jarring, bruise making thud. But apparently I threw at least 3 ribs out and locked up my neck. Then a couple weeks ago I spun for too long and irritated my shoulder.
I have an excellent chiropractor though, and last week and this week he straightened out all my wayward bones and now I am feeling much better.

This yarn is for my Church Mittens. It is the secondary color, I still have to spin up the main color. It seems like every Sunday in the winter we have freezing temps, and bitterly cold wind. Well, we always have wind at our house....but still, it makes for very cold Sunday mornings.

So I decided to make a warm and woolly pair of mittens to pop my cold fingers into for those chilly Sunday morning rides. The main yarn will be a lovely brown Polwarth/Angora. This secondary color is some Corriedale that I hand painted while it was still roving, and then spun up. The pattern I am planning on using is from one of the Spin Off magazines. I don't remember which, but I will share more details with you as the mittens progress. I have the whole summer to make them up. Regrettably I didn't think of this splendid plan until almost spring. However that gives me something to look forward to wearing for this coming winter.

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