Tuesday, March 22, 2011

June In March Shawl

Remember the yarn and pattern that I showed you last Wednesday? Well this is how the project is going. I have so enjoyed making this knit. It is rather addicting, once I get going on it I don't want to stop. The pattern is the Juneberry Triangle, by Jared Flood. It has 5 charts so you are always looking forward to what the next chart will be like. The shawl looks very intricate but is really quite easy. It uses different types of decreases, bobbles and increases to form diamonds, swirls and the like.

At this point in the above photo I had just finished Chart C and was several rows into Chart D.

This is how far I am as of this evening. The edging is knit back and forth in rows, and joined to the shawl with a k2tog at the end of every right side row. It is a wide knitted edging, and so beautiful! I am loving the way it looks.

This is a quick knit when done in worsted weight. My cousin is making one in sport weight and hers is working up very quickly as well. There were a couple issues that gave me trouble and I would like to point them out in case anyone else is having difficulties with this. First being the abbreviation "ssp" or slip,slip,purl. I had never encountered it in any knitted projects before so just blazed on ahead thinking it was the same as a slip,slip.knit. That is until I looked at my knitting and saw the decrease was slanting the wrong way. So I checked online and found out how to properly do it.

Here's how: slip 2 stitches (one at a time) knit wise, put back on the left needle. Purl through the back loops. 1 stitch decreased.

The other issue I encountered was with the bobbles. They looked rather flat and wimpy. However while browsing the Juneberry projects on Ravelry I came across this hint that helped with that:

Bobbles/Nupps: When doing the final psso on the bobble, bring the loop of the stitch around the entire bobble. This makes the bobble stay on the RS, plus defines it better.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line or comment and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

I look forward to showing you my June In March Shawl when it is completed and blocked!

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