Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ice Storm

What a difference from my Monday post! We had snow, rain, ice, and sleet since then and this morning I went out to take some photos.

It was bitterly cold, with a chilling wind that blew right through me. The thought crossed my mind of how silly I must look bundled in knits, camera in hand, slogging through frozen grass and taking pictures left and right.

I was glad to get back inside to the warmth of the stove. There is nothing like relaxing with a cup of tea and some knitting by a fire on a cold and chilly day. The June In March shawl edging is almost halfway done, I think I will need at least one more skein of yarn to complete my shawl. Maybe when the roads are safe once again, I can venture back to the yarn store and purchase my last skein. Until then I shall knit, sew, etc. and keep cozy by the fire!

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