Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yarn And Spinning

The above yarn is a merino/silk blend that we picked up at a fiber fest. I am trying to spin it SUPER thin, or at least as thin as I can without a lace spindle. I am trying to see how many yards I can get out of mine.

And finally, the yarn I hand painted while still a roving. This was supposed to be very vibrant, but I am still learning how my Greener Shades Dyes work. I like the yarn, but not enough to make something for myself out of it. A couple people in my family like it so I'll probably use it to make them something. The yarn is 100% merino, I only bought 8 ounces of it, I wish I had bough more! I love to hand paint roving.

This is the other merino I hand painted. This one is my favorite by far! I will definitely use it to make myself something. The colors are lovely. :) It make me happy to look at the yarn. When hand spinning, each skein of yarn is a work of art itself, so much time is invested into it. It takes me awhile to feel like I can actually use it for a knitted project. I normally leave it in a bowl as decoration. Then eventually I am ready to use it, so go to ravelry or my knitting books/magazines to find a project.

So this is my spinning over the last month or so.....Very autumn-y, don't you think? :)

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