Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Summer!

I am fond of starting off my posts with flowers. It is such a cheerful way to get everything started!
I know my post title says "It's Summer", but lest you all get confused, I merely meant that officially it is summer. Weather-wise, it has been summer forever around here. Which I have been more than happy with because I LOVE summer! Yay for summer! Actually what I love is warm weather. There are many places on the earth where summer is not too terribly warm. I think I'd have a hard time getting used to that.

Cloud photos are so much fun to take. My camera card is chock full of them and I really need to cull some out. But when you have amazing clouds going on, how can one resist?

Yup, the corn has gone WAY past waist high. It is about shoulder height now. And down at the bottom of the field it is over my head! And I am 5'6". So much for "Knee high by the 4th of July" like we say around here!

Swivel around to the left from the above photo and this was the view. Same night. Same time. We had some storms heading in. Lots of lightning going on along the horizon. I couldn't get any decent pics though.

Fairy Cakes! I found this idea on Attic 24
My sister had a birthday last week and she requested carrot cake. So here are the carrot Fairy Cakes! They were easy, and fun to make. I whipped up my own secret butter frosting recipe.

Mmmm, mmm! A delicious breakfast, although perhaps not too healthy. It is green tea though, and carrot cake. I rest my case.

Yum! I'm getting hungry just looking at my photos!

And let's finish with a beautiful shot of the Kennedy Rose. It seemeth to be changing colours!
Until next time my friends!

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  1. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I am especially fond of the fairy cakes .... mmmmm. I have to go check out that recipes. Have a special Sunday.


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