Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Introducing......Brown-Eyed Susan Columbine!!!!

Isn't she sweet? Such a little lady and sitting so prim and proper in the tree. I made Susan for my sister's birthday. She is made with the same pattern that I made Edith Iris with last year. I don't know where my sister's come up with these creative names but they certainly keep life interesting! Susan is the shortened version of her lovely name.
As a note: she is made out of muslin, cotton fabric, cotton stuffing, embroidery floss, and alpaca yarn.

Up-close detail of her skirt and lace. I didn't have a pattern for the dress. The magazine that the doll came out of had a dress with un-hemmed edges that wasn't meant to come off at all. So I designed this fun dress that comes off and has lots of ruffles making it full and gorgeous. My sisters have pointed out to me that despite the fact that their dolls dresses can come off, there is no need at present because they have nothing to change in to. This was a very broad hint that the poor dolls need a wardrobe. So we'll see what can be done about that in the future

Susan has learned to sit quietly in the grass without staining her ruffles.

But the steps are by far the safest place out of doors for a little lady.

She is already a well read doll, and enjoys the Bobbsey Twin Series very much.

And I couldn't resist this shot to show you how Susan managed to climb in to her prim and proper pose earlier pictured. :) Good thing she has long arms and legs, it makes tree climbing SO much easier!

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