Friday, January 1, 2010

Ephriam the Hippo

Happy 2010 Everyone! My, it seems like in one way 2009 flew by!
I'll have to do a post of all the projects I did in 2009.
Here is the little hippo that I made as a Christmas gift.

He is from the new book, "Itty, Bitty, Toys" By Susan B. Anderson.

I used one 100gram skein of sock yarn. Plus a little extra for the feet, ears, and paws.

The yarn is double stranded. I loved making the little hippo. He is so sweet. I like how Susan recommends sewing each piece on as you go. That way when you have knit the last piece you are pretty much done with the project, and you also get to see it come together as you work.

Now I am looking forward to making some of her reversible toys!
More on Christmas projects coming up!


  1. i love it holly!!!! soo cute :) :)

  2. Hi what a cute toy are you selling this pattern as i would love to knit him or her many thanks

  3. This isn't my personal pattern You can find the pattern for this Hippo in the book "Itty Bitty Toys" By Susan B. Anderson. You can find ALL kinds of cute toys in there!


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