Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Completed Peace Shawl

Hurrah! I am finally finished with the Peace shawl! Actually I have been done for a few weeks. I never mentioned it, but my gauge was way of so I ended up tearing out the shawl (when it was already a third done) and starting all over.However I did take my own sweet time knitting the 2nd time. Mainly because I was repeating two rows for most of the later part of the shawl, and that got old real fast. I ran into a few snags along the way. For the most part it was just because I had forgot to mark what row I was on, and so I ended up doing the wrong row.
Here is is all laid out and ready to be blocked. To be sure, I have never blocked anything this size before! I was rather nervous as to how it would turn out. I pinned it out, laid a wet sheet over it, and then went to the beach and happily forgot about it until the next morning. Thankfully it blocked beautifully, and I was thrilled with the finished results.

The shawl was a gift from my family to Grandma, as a comfort shawl. It has been a little over three months since Grandpa passed away. I was hoping to get it done sooner, but it just didn't work out that way.

Grandma loved her shawl. She was quite thrilled with it and wore it to Sunday morning church. Doesn't she look elegant?

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