Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Random Pictures

A couple snapshots from our walk last week.

Aren't these red dragonflies beautiful? Anyways I thought they were. And they were very obliging, they held stilll so I could take pictures of them with macro!

I think this little fellow was trying to study my watercolor book!

And this gentleman here just finished his lunch. It was fascinating to watch him devour the bug.

I thought this little bat was cute too. Look how soft and furry he looks!

The oddest mushroom ever.

I didn't do this knitting, my sister did. But I thought I wouls put them on anyways because they are so neat. They are cell phone socks, she made them for a friend's birthday.


  1. hi Holly,

    Have you ever tried to knit boys' dressy sweater vests? You could sell them on etsy or something.


  2. Hi Amanda!

    No, I have not tried knitting anything for little boys. But that is a good idea. I'll see if I can find any patterns.
    Thanks for commenting, I don't get many comments!


  3. Hi Holly,

    You have some really neat items on here. I love your pictures. They are clear and have great detail!

    Amber Granquist

  4. Thank you Amber,

    I really enjoy taking photographs. Especially when I am taking them with the blog in mind.
    I find a blog is a good way to keep track of what I have been working on as well.
    Thanks for stopping by!



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