Saturday, June 20, 2009

Purses, Bags, etc.

I have started another new project, as of half an hour ago. I quick snapped this photo to show you. It doesn't tell much, but in actuality that will one day be a bag. We shall call it the Rachel purse for now. I am kind of winging it on the pattern. It is supposed to be modeled after a purse I already have but instead of double-stranding the yarn I am only using a single strand. So consequently I have to change things around a bit.
The yarn used here is: Boku, by Plymouth Yarn. Three skeins should do it for the bag.
The computer is being slow tonight so in between waits I am working on this. It should whip up fairly quickly I think.
Lest one get the impression that all I do is start projects, but never finish, here is a finished one for you to view. The Sarah bag is complete! Well, it is missing one small detail, a decorative button on the outside of the front flap. I still have to put that on. Minor details though.

This bag is of my own design. I had a request for a specific bag type but no patterns to match. I think felted bags are the easiest thing in the world to design. Of course I have not designed anything else.....

Some views of the inside. I put a couple handy pockets in, one is sized for a cell phone. Oh I forgot to mention that Sarah's bag is made with the same yarn as Ri's bag: Cascade Pastaza.

From previous experience the owner of this bag will stuff it to it's capacity, and then some. So it is made as sturdy as possible with future abuse to it in mind!

I am glad I am taking pictures of all my projects. Even if I do not post them I find it helps me to keep track of what I have made. My ideal goal would be to put a picture and detailed information about every project, into a little note book. Or perhaps a big notebook. But although I have been called very organized, I am not that organized yet!

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