Saturday, June 6, 2009

A little pink chemo cap

Yes, yes, I know this blog is named Holly Marie Knits. The reason there has been precious little knitting though is because I have been flying about all week and have not stopped to take any pics. I have done some knitting. In fact quite a bit, I think.
This yarn here is for a chemo cap, for a lady we know who has cancer. It's a fairly straight forward pattern, quite quick and easy. I actually am just about done with it, I only have to do one more eyelet repeat and then the decreasing for the top. It is found in the book "Knitting For Peace". I originally got this book just for the vest pattern, but it has lots of other patterns as well. And although I don't agree with everything in here, it is a very fascinating book to read through, and it makes me wish I could do more knitting for those in need. Whether it be our troops, orphans, or just someone who needs to know that some cares...well, maybe someday I will be able to do this type of knitting as well. I suppose in one way I am! Making this chemo cap out of this book....hmm, that makes me feel better already!

My Grandpa is in the hospital right now, probably with only a few days to live. This was very sudden, and has been very difficult on all of us. So if my blog is rather silent, or uninteresting, please bear with me for awhile.

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