Monday, June 1, 2009

Bits of Knitting, Color, & Cooking

I kept my word and am including some knitting in this post. Sarah's bag is just about done. I have half of one handle to go, then I need to seam it together. Right now it is huge but she needs lots of space for her things.

This yarn has been a lot of fun to work with. I know from past experience that it felts well, but I am not sure how it felts when knitted, or how much it will shrink. That makes me a bit nervous.

Some of Paton's 100% wool that I am going to use for another purse. I have a fiber festival I am hoping to do in June so I am trying to whip together some things for that. Well, not 'whip', but try and get as much done as possible before then. I am hoping to do it with Debi if she is back by then.

Bee Balm just starting to bloom. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's coloring is simply stunning!

The amaryllis is just opening up! It is gorgeous, I think so anyways.

Dahlias on the porch.

Petunias on the other porch.

And look at these sweet little pansies! Do not they have the most adorable faces? All smiley and cheerful looking.

To finish of the evening last night, I did some baking. I have not done a whole lot of baking over the last six months. Mainly because it is extremely hard to bake something and know you can't eat it! Even more so when you have only had liquids for months on end! So I try to steer away from it most times. But Grandpa is back in the hospital with some sort of infection and fever. He has 'round the clock care from either Grandma, Mother or Aunt Sarah. So I knew they'd be needing a bit of sustenance for the day. I whipped up these "Melt-in-your-mouth Strawberry Muffins" It was a recipe I found on the lid of a Stoneyfield yogurt container.
This morning I put some eggs on to boil. Then I gathered together yogurt, cheese, cut up muskmelon, snack crackers, oatmeal, nine muffins, butter a box of Raspberry Green tea, and various bits of necessary cutlery. All of this went into the little cooler and a grocery bag, to be sent back to the hospital. Because of my poor diet (although we have been supplement as able) my immune system is low so I am not supposed to be in hospitals right now. Or anywhere else where there could be sick people. That is pretty much everywhere! But I still go out and do what I need to, shopping for Grandpa and Grandma mainly, quick visits to the library. I carry hand sanitizer everywhere.
But back to the cooking. At least this was some small way I felt that I could help. It's hard to be far away and not in the midst of where the action is, lending a helping hand.
Today I am home, visiting the family for a while. We might play some games or perhaps I'll do more knitting. My lace shawl has simply not gone anywhere. I suppose it would help if I worked on it.......

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