Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And just a wee bit more progress.....

I have about 28-30 rows left to do on the purse body. Then I'll do the handles and felt it. I probably won't get to the felting until tomorrow. I have a lot of other things on my plate today. But we'll see.....


  1. These colors are scrumptious!! Thanks so much for the good advice you left on my blog. How lovely to get to pick TWO projects!!

  2. Hi Holly Marie;

    What a gifted young woman you are! I looked through the whole page of your posts...so beautiful!

    Bless you sweet sister!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  3. Thanks for your kind comments. I rarely get them so it is refreshing to see that folks like my blog.
    Your welcome for the advice Shelley.
    And to Kimmie, thanks again for your wonderful post this morning!


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