Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ri's Bag

This is how it looked before felting.

Here it is at last! The lovely crocheted/felted bag. I made this for my cousin, Ri. The purse is one that I saw at the yarn shop. It was from an interweave crochet magazine, but there were no copies left. So I pulled out paper and pen to quick sketch it. Later on at home when I was brushing up on the sketch and instructions Ri came by and saw it. She asked if I could make it for her. Now my general policy for family is, I will make it for them if they supply the material, no added cost. The yarn I made this with is Cascade Pastaza. It is 50%wool & 50% lama, it is a dream to work with. I did find out that it sheds excessively when felted. But that is no problem if you pick all of the fuzzies out of the washer before doing a load of laundry. I am starting another bag out of this exact yarn, but with a different pattern, for Aunt Sarah. I have to save a little piece for Debi, she wants to have some roving dyed up in a similiar color.

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