Thursday, April 30, 2009

Signs Of Spring

Today it is raining again. We sure are getting our fair share of April showers! Everything is green, growing, and beautiful. Yesterday I was at my Grandparents and snapped these photos of the signs of spring I saw.
I am so glad that spring has arrived! My favorite time of year is spring/summer, when everything is warm and alive. I love to go out, get my hands in the earth and sift through the soil. Weeding has never really been a chore. Perhaps it harks back to early summer days gone by out in the strawberry patch. Pulling countless weeds with my hands, sometimes using my trusty hoe for the stubborn ones who didn't want to let go. Sifting through the dirt with bare toes, feeling the sun's warm rays......I love weeding.

What sweet little faces they have!

Rhubarb pie, coming right up!

Aren't these gorgeous?

Mmm.......spring is in the air!

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