Saturday, March 19, 2016

March Happenings.

Today has been a cozy, at-home-day watching British Murder mysteries, eating chocolate, and spinning. There was a scheduling snaffle at work and I ended up having today off which delights me to no end. Where I work I often find myself chilled to the bone while sitting at my desk so I determined that next year I will have a handspun & handknit lap blanket to ward off the chill. I'm thinking a lofty, woolen spun yarn should be ideal for creating a very warm blanket. All my odds and end skeins are destined to be in the run-up for the lap blanket.
Winter has relaxed it grip and we have warmer temperatures with the promise of Spring in the air. The little bit of snow we did have is gone, and small plants are popping out of the ground everywhere. We've also had quite a few rainy days already. The first portion of this year has flown by, so when I am home and it's raining I'm actually thankful. Then I have time to still  hunker down and do some winter-type knitting. Comfortable, by the fire, with tea.
I recently picked up my 2nd pair of Terpander socks that have been languishing on the needles for a good year. I have no excuse other then that I lost my copied out pattern with notes and don't know where I am in the design. Yesterday I looked at the pattern in the actual book and I am torn between completing it per the instructions, or just throwing on a few inches of ribbing to change things up and calling it good. I'd like to wear these before the warmth of summer has arrived. As you can see in the above photo, I had two different dye lots of yarn and never bothered to switch them between rows. So now I have a dual-colored sock going on. I don't mind, it's unique, if a little odd.
A few weeks ago before the snow had melted I stayed the weekend with a friend and we did some sewing. First up, I helped her make a duvet cover for her bed. It was my first time making a duvet cover and I was pleased with how it came out. We ended up closing it off with twill tape ties and all & all it looks great. Between runs to the fabric store for things we forgot (twill tape), I also picked up flannel to make myself a pillowcase, and then these little squares in the Strawberry Field's Revisited line. I'm not sure what they will end up becoming, but they were too darling to pass up.
Our visit included a marathon of Downton Abbey, and some pleasant winter walks. Also too much coffee, breakfast in bed, and lots of toddler giggles. It was a good weekend. 

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